Terms, conditions and the privacy policy

This document outlines the terms and conditions for using exhibitoo.com and the privacy policy related it.

This text is purposely written in a language which can be understood by human beings without a legal degree.

Your acceptance of terms

By using exhibitoo.com you agree to all the terms below, which are subject to infrequent changes as outlined in 'Changes' section

Description of exhibitoo.com service

exhibitoo.com are developing a platform that hosts photo exhibitions and some times awards/contests.

exhibitoo.com are always working on new features and will be rolling them out to the live service when they are finished and tested.

At times things can go wrong and the service may be interrupted.

In such situations we will work on restoring the service as quickly as possible, but cannot guarantee anything specific in terms of recovery times.

User registration

To fully use the exhibitoo.com you need to create your own user account with your own email address.

User conduct

exhibitoo.com do not allow you to post non-artistic nudity, illegal and otherwise commonly forbidden content onto exhibitoo.com or content which you do not have copyrights for.

As a registered user you must not do this.

We reserve all rights to delete content which breaches these terms and, if needed, ban those users who are breaching the terms in this document.

Some users may get permanently banned from using exhibitoo.com if they keep breaching the terms repeatedly.

Intellectual property

You retain full rights to photos which you already have rights to.

exhibitoo.com has the non-exclusive rights to modify and adapt all your photos on exhibitoo.com platform with good intent (e.g. adding exhibitoo.com watermark to it, making thumbnail versions of images, etc ). exhibitoo.com will fully attribute your work wherever it ends up being displayed.

exhibitoo.com has the rights to distribute your content on all exhibitoo.com services and if relevant on partner's web sites in context of a contest you have joined with your content, including printed versions of your work (e.g. as part of an exhibition in a photo/arts gallery or a museum).

You should only upload the photos you have full rights to.

exhibitoo.com respects the intellectual property rights of others.

If you believe someone is breaching these terms on exhibitoo.com, please let us know as quickly as possible by writing to hello@exhibitoo.com with full details of your concerns.

exhibitoo.com is not a CDN (Content Delivery Network), so you should not use exhibitoo.com services for that purpose.


exhibitoo.com is not responsible for users posting inapropriate links to other web sites anywhere on exhibitoo.com and we will work on removing these as quickly as possible.

Privacy policy

Your use of the exhibitoo.com is subject to the privacy policy conditions below.If you do not agree to this these please do not register on exhibitoo.com website.

If you are under the age of 13, you are not eligible to use the website, and we ask you not to register with exhibitoo.com.

exhibitoo.com may use cookies to customise the service provided to you. exhibitoo.com uses Google Analytics to keep user stats and you should be fine with this. exhibitoo.com keeps a log of views from anonymous and authenticated users across the service.


You agree that you wont be taking any legal action against exhibitoo.com or awardio company directors or employees in case exhibitoo.com's server's fail resulting in loss of all your content submitted to exhibitoo.com, so have a backup of you content elsewhere.

exhibitoo.com are not liable for other people sharing your exhibitoo.com content in inappropriate ways outside of exhibitoo.com.

Our brand

exhibitoo.com graphics, logos, designs and name are all copyrights and legal ownership of exhibitoo.com.

exhibitoo.com logo may not be used in connection with any product or service without the prior written consent from exhibitoo.com.

Termination of services

In the case you want to delete your account from exhibitoo.com, you can do so by letting us know.

We cannot guarantee that your content will be deleted permanently as it may be indexed by 3rd party services such as search engines or various deep server back-up services.


exhibitoo.com reserve the right to modify or update these terms at any time and reflect the updates here.

Your use of exhibitoo.com is always subject to the latest version of this document posted on exhibitoo.com.

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