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London Photo Festival invited photographers from all over the world to submit entries for a chance to win exhibition at October 16th -18th 2014 event. Here are some photos to capture your imagination.

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Hugely popular London Photo Festival is open for visitors from 16th October until 18th October 2014 at The Crypt (St George the Martyr Church), Borough High St, London .

Ashley Murphy's The Grand Canyon entry which was voted as a winner will be getting exhibited at the event.

Below are some of the of the amazing Landscape entries which got submitted into call for entries organised by London Photo Festival using

'Tuscan Morning' by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino'Tuscan Morning' by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino

'Stonehenge snow globe' by Vlad Simion'Stonehenge snow globe' by Vlad Simion

'Pond At Lake Louis - Yukon Territory' by Chuck Baker'Pond At Lake Louis - Yukon Territory' by Chuck Baker

'Clevedon Pier' by Ben Green'Clevedon Pier' by Ben Green

'Loch Fada looking onto the Old Man of Storr.' by James Messer'Loch Fada looking onto the Old Man of Storr.' by James Messer

'Atomic puff' by Max Kruse'Atomic puff' by Max Kruse

'Silky Sunset' by Hugh Cotter'Silky Sunset' by Hugh Cotter

'Pristine' by Kenoy Kadakia'Pristine' by Kenoy Kadakia

'sunreef' by Daniel Anggasta Prima'sunreef' by Daniel Anggasta Prima

'Warmth in winter' by kyle ames'Warmth in winter' by kyle ames

'Perfect Day' by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino'Perfect Day' by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino

'Elgol Rainbow' by Dietmar Herzog'Elgol Rainbow' by Dietmar Herzog

'Sunset over flooded field' by Abi  Saunders'Sunset over flooded field' by Abi Saunders

'Sunset over Durdle Door' by Vlad Simion'Sunset over Durdle Door' by Vlad Simion

'Sunrise Reservoir' by Martin Grier'Sunrise Reservoir' by Martin Grier

'SpanishPoint' by Hugh Cotter'SpanishPoint' by Hugh Cotter

'Yellowstone Falls' by kyle ames'Yellowstone Falls' by kyle ames

'Ladakh landscape between praying flags' by Vineet Singh'Ladakh landscape between praying flags' by Vineet Singh

'Lonely rock' by Chris Laurent'Lonely rock' by Chris Laurent

'Spider Web' by Janos Leo Andanar'Spider Web' by Janos Leo Andanar

'Morning mist' by Vlad Simion'Morning mist' by Vlad Simion

'Narciso' by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino'Narciso' by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino

'Double Falls' by Brian Kerls'Double Falls' by Brian Kerls

'Untouched' by Deepak Bhutra'Untouched' by Deepak Bhutra

13 Oct 2014

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