Street Theatre Winners Exhibition

Organised by Greenwich Docklands + International Festival as part of annual street theatre, dance spectacle in 2014.

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We are proud to announce winners of Street Theatre contest organised by Greenwich Docklands + International Festival.

Winners were picked by Alicia Graf, Marketing manager at GDIF and 'The Greenwich Gallery' owner Tony Othen.

All of the below winning photos along with selected one's will be exhibited on a digital screen at The Greenwich Gallery in the coming weeks.

Toby Hawkes with his Muaré @ GDIF 2014 entry is the overall winner of this contest and will be GDIF 2015 Photo Ambassador.

'Muaré@GDIF 2014' by Toby Hawkes'Muaré @GDIF 2014' by Toby Hawkes.

Judge's comments:

Captures the heart and soul of GDIF including the color, the passion and the energy of the festival.

A riveting photograph the brings the work to life and engrains the performance in one's memory.

'Laundry' by Debbie Bevan 'Laundry' by Debbie Bevan.

Judge's comments:

Superb timing gives us a memorable moment in the act.

Enough of the props are shown to give us an idea of what is going on and the reaction from the audience(of all ages) shows that the performance is appreciated.

'Opus Music' by Campbell Skinner 'Opus Music' by Campbell Skinner.

Judge's comments:

An inventive and inspiring photograph that combines performer, audience and instrument into one lovely piece of art.

It tells the story of this show from multiple perspectives and there is always something new to discover every time you look at it.

'Flood 20' by Przemyslaw Szyduk 'Flood 20' by Przemyslaw Szyduk..

Judge's comments:

Superb composition and timing.

The expression on the faces of the two performers shows how careful the timing has to be and the expressions on the faces of the audience shows engagement, apprehension and amusement.

'Clown Impression' by Campbell Skinner 'Clown Impression' by Campbell Skinner.

Judge's comments: A mesmerizing photograph which pulls at the heartstrings.

The color and facial expression invoke an amazing level of emotion and passion, and one is left wondering whether to find the photo heartwarming, sorrowful, nostalgic, or a little bit of all of the above.

Many congratulations to all the winners from Exhibitoo team.

Also big thanks to Greenwich Docklands + International Festival management and judges for their continuous support.

29 Sep 2014

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