Light Chaser Exhibition

'Light Chaser' submissions were strong and diverse which made the task of choosing very difficult.

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Here is the curator statement from Linda Wisdom who is a multi-award winning street photographer from UK.

The theme 'Light Chaser' was set as a challenge to photographers to interpret as they wished in a creative and imaginative way.

The submissions were strong and diverse which made the task of choosing very difficult.

Whilst looking through the 139 submissions, there were one of a number of criteria that the initial first phase of 35 images were selected under;

Creative take on the subject of Light,
Strong content matter,
Technical ability,
Visual impact,
Thought out elements that the viewer can connect with, whether an emotion, a point of view, or a story narrative

With such a high standard images submitted and it was near impossible to then narrow down choices to just 10 for the physical exhibition.

So it was decided to have 12 on the wall display and 14 are chosen for digital exhibition in the gallery.

Below are the 12 entries which are chosen for Physical Exhibition in the Gallery.

'The skater' by Ignasi Raventos'The skater' by Ignasi Raventos

'Steamy' by Michael Fraser'Steamy' by Michael Fraser

'In Profile' by Saul Perryman'In Profile' by Saul Perryman

'Urban Shanghai' by Jianhua Siew'Urban Shanghai' by Jianhua Siew

'Rainy London evening' by Benjamin Nwaneampeh'Rainy London evening' by Benjamin Nwaneampeh

'Wellington st.' by Vadims Timoskins'Wellington st.' by Vadims Timoskins

'Lighting Up Wall Street' by Chris Potter'Lighting Up Wall Street' by Chris Potter

'Tram 3' by Emilie Houwat'Tram 3' by Emilie Houwat

'' by Sherion Mullings'' by Sherion Mullings

'Earlyrisers' by Svilen Nachev'Earlyrisers' by Svilen Nachev

'Evolution' by Kant Rathod'Evolution' by Kant Rathod

'After Rain comes the Sun' by Georgie Pauwels'After Rain comes the Sun' by Georgie Pauwels

Below are the 14 entries which are chosen for Digital Exhibition on TV screen in the Gallery.

'Into the Light' by Michael Fraser'Into the Light' by Michael Fraser

'Into the Void' by Michael Fraser'Into the Void' by Michael Fraser

'London Bridge, London (2014)' by Alonso Dominguez'London Bridge, London (2014)' by Alonso Dominguez

'Shenzhen, China.' by Walter Rothwell'Shenzhen, China.' by Walter Rothwell

'shadow theatre' by Gunnar Tacke'shadow theatre' by Gunnar Tacke

'Sea Dance' by Lior Yaakobi'Sea Dance' by Lior Yaakobi

'Dead End?' by Lior Yaakobi'Dead End?' by Lior Yaakobi

'I saw her' by Willy AuYeung'I saw her' by Willy AuYeung

'Working Late' by A. W.'Working Late' by A. W.

'Paris, Palais Royal 2009' by Pierre Belhassen'Paris, Palais Royal 2009' by Pierre Belhassen

'Trafalgar Square, London.' by Walter Rothwell'Trafalgar Square, London.' by Walter Rothwell

'Dismantle' by Thomas'Dismantle' by Thomas

'Tram 3' by Emilie Houwat'Tram 3' by Emilie Houwat

'Mysterious shapes' by Nabil TAZI'Mysterious shapes' by Nabil TAZI

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the opening evening of 'Light Chaser' exhibition on Tuesday April 08th from 18:00-21:00.

Light Chaser exhibition will run for two weeks starting from April 8th to April 21st 2015 at The Greenwich Gallery, Linear House, Peyton Place, London, SE10 8RS.

Thanks for your support.

24 Mar 2015


LOVE the use of colour and composition

11 Apr 2015

Stunning interpretations of this theme. Gallery too distant to see the show, so ultra-glad the photographs are online :-)
Wishing you'all a great Private View!

08 Apr 2015

Great selection.

03 Apr 2015

Great news!

26 Mar 2015

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