Horse with curly mane

Horse with curly mane

Photo shooting in northern Italy in the Monferrato, at sunrise.
The first light illuminated the animal while the interior of the box was left completely in the shade

Roberto Spotti Milano 16 11 1955 My first interest in photography started in 1970 and it remained just a hobby until 1973. In the summer of the same year I commenced my work as an assistant in different studios where I worked with the possibility to follow photography and cinema. In 1975 I began my collaboration towards the studio of the photographer Aldo Ballo where I could study in depth the technique of light in studio and the optical bench of large size. Afterwards I worked as a freelancer with several photographic studios and only in 1979 I began to realize on my own several reportages in North Europe, North and Central Africa, the Extreme Orient, Latin America and the U.S.A. Afterwards I collaborated as a freelancer to realize photographic services of still life, furniture, advertising. Currently free from commercial works, I perform personal research addressed mainly to art galleries.

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