St Martins Theatre, West street, London, December 2014; Theatres

St Martins Theatre, West street, London, December 2014; Theatres

The series 'Theaters' is a work in progress series.

Captured within London theatres, each photograph is from a different theatre building. My intention for this work is to serve as both architectural record and an observation of the people that frequent these spaces.

The series is captured from the stage looking towards the auditorium. Although devoid of people, there are suggestions and traces of peoples presence everywhere. Starting with the perspective the photograph is captured from, the actors view looking towards the audience. This view is both daunting and exhilarating and invites us in to study both the architecture and the hints of the people that frequent the space before us. The audiences are seized through the presence of the mass of seating, oscillating between flawlessness to the more shabby hints of imperfection. The people that constructed and maintain the buildings are implied through its architecture and updates such as the occasional reupholstered seat not quite matching but still carefully executed.

As a set, one can start to study and compare these interiors, one can see their individual characters, similarities, differences, their distinctiveness and quirkiness, their beauty.

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