Sjoerd Lammers is a Dutch street photographer. Sjoerd started with photography in the early 80's, the so called analog period. Due to school and other nice things, his camera stayed a few years in the closet till 2006. In that year he bought a 2MP compact P&S camera and entered the world of digital photography. His first impression: "what a relief, you can shoot as much as you want, check the results immediately and if necessary you can make corrections with photo editors. And of course no more waiting for finishing an entire roll of film, development and so on ..." In 2007 he bought a nice bridge camera with a prime fixed-lens. After playing with it for awhile, he wanted to get more out of a camera and in 2008 he bought a DSLR with some extra camera lenses. However, he finds the equipment of minor importance: the idea is above technique. After experimenting with various genres of photography, he got more and more interest in street photography. Was he inspired by the old masters like Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, W. Eugene Smith? Not particularly, but it sure was no punishment for him to delve into their work! That being said, on the homepage of this site is stated, that there is no official definition of street photography. So it is a mixture of different genres of photography with some guidelines. As you may have noticed on different internet forums, there are discussions whether a specific photo belongs to this genre or not. In the opinion of Sjoerd this is not a fundamental discussion. Of course Sjoerd has created his own vision about street photography. This is limited to some conditions and is certainly not intended to be a definition.


Exposure: 1/400

Aperture: 4/1

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